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By Stefan Glowazc

Talo Martin

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Biography and Background

Talo Martin is a Spnish climber based out of the granite layground of La Pedriza, Spain. He is a very talented climber with an attitude that shows he loves climbing, especially with friends. He has a sweet blog about climbing and bouldering around La Pedriza: La Pedriza

Ticklist selection:

Sport ascents:
  • El Tambalea (8b slab, FA)
  • Equilibrium (8b slab, FA)
  • Floja de Bragas (8b slab, descending moves, FA)
  • Kinshasa (8b+ slab, FA)
  • Art-Herencia (8b+ slab)
  • Kalahari Kombat (8b+ slab)
  • Michael Knight (7c+, slab)
  • Les rèvoltes du Stonewall (7c+ jump, Fontainebleau)
  • Seven rallonguè (7c+)
  • Las Nueve Revelaciones (7c+)
  • La Porcelaine (7c+)