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RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

RED CHILI, Climbing Shoes, Crashpads, Shirts, Sweater

By Stefan Glowazc

Fontainebleau – the heart of bouldering

Red Chili Blog, 27.März 2015

Fontainebleau – place of origin of the activity, giving me so much: Bouldering. At the first time I got there about four years ago I was quite inspired by those peerless structured sandstone in the middle of those beautiful forest!

I saw many classic boulders, historic lines, with the desire to try and climb them one day! Two weeks ago I finally had this chance, as I spent eight days in the “forest” with my girlfriend, Franzi – her first bouldeing trip. To sum up with one single word: Stunning! Stunning lines, good conditions, by far one of the best accomodations I ever had during a bouldering trip and of course delicious food ;-)

After a nine hours drive we arrived on monday evening in “Bois le Roi”. A friend of mine showed us a really nice place to stay, 5 minutes from the area “Rocher Canon” and ten minutes from “Bas Cuvier” and “Apremont”, called “Gite Kailloux”, where we really enjoyed our time!

On tuesday morning unfortunatley we woke up by pattering rain on our window. Looked bad for bouldering during our first day, so we decided to cook a little “holiday – menu” and take a walk around “Bas Cuvier” in the afternoon. Unexpected, a few classics stood dry and I could cimb “L´Aerodynamite” (7B+/C) and “Aerosol” (7B+) in a few tries and also Franzi could do her first moves on sandstone.

Next day, next stop in “Petit Bois”, a little, shady spot in the really south of Nemours. Really to recommand, climbing during the summer! Last time I already did two beautiful lines “La Baleine” and “Big Jim” there. I could remember a big sloper arete called “Big Dragon” (8A+), well known from the Dosage movies. For me it´s also one the best lines I ever tried, regrettably I couldn´t finish the Problem, so I got a good aim for my next trip!

Next day we planned to spend our time in Paris: Waking up in warm sun shine, it seemed to be a wonderful day. After Louvre, Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower and many other famous destinations, we came back after 11 hours – happy, tired and with many good memories! Rest days are the best days – or could it even get better?

The next days have also been special and unforgettable for both of us! I was able to send of many boulders I really wished to climb years ago: “La Balance sans”, “Bérézina – Carnage – assis” and maybe the best dyno in a climbers world “Rainbow Rocket” (all 8A), Apotheose (7C+), second go and few other easier but by far not worse than the other “big names”, including “Helicoptere” and “Cortomaltese”. Franzi could climb here first boulders in the upper fifth grade outdoor and got really close on some sixth, too! So cool!

All those time has been to short to try all great lines in this forest as our last day startet in Font. We had so much fun there and both have to return to finish off our projects!

Last but not least a few impressions in my latest Video – enjoy:

Fontainebleau – a week in paradise from Bechtold Fabian on Vimeo.

Text: Fabian Bechtold
Pic.: Franziska Lehner

A preview about the Red Chili spring collection 2015

Red Chili Blog, 19.01.2015

We are psyched for Feburary 2015: The new, uniqe Red Chili clothing line and two perfect new shoes Octan and Stratos will be available. We hope you enjoy testing our new products in your hardest projects!

Our founder Stefan Glowacz and his whole team tested this awsome collection a long time! Here you can see some impressions of our shooting in Aldaglar national park in Turkey:

Nasim Eshqi in the big canyon of Aldaglar national park

Stefan Glowacz having fun with his team

Fabi Bechtold climbing one of those great limestone blocs

Nasim Eshqi bouldering in the evening sun

The new Red Chili “indian collection”

One other beautiful boulder

Stefan Glowacz rocking one of the many hard routes

Ines Parpert climbing “ohne Rauch stirbst du auch” (8a)

Red Chili Blog, 26. September 2014

16.09.2014 by Planetmountain

On 17/08/2014 German alpinist Ines Papert made the first one day ascent of Ohne Rauch stirbst du auch 8a, a route established in 2010 by Hannes Pfeifhofer and Daniel Roger. The second free ascent was carried out by Austria’s Lisi Steurer on 28/08/2014.
Eight years after the first female ascent of Camillotto Pellesier on Cima Grande in the Dolomites, this summer Ines Papert returned to the legendary North Face to make the first free ascent of Ohne Rauch stirbst du auch. This route had been put up in summer 2010 by South Tyrolean mountain guide Hannes Pfeifhofer and his climbing partner Daniel Roger up the lefthand side of the North Face and, according to Papert, is marked by its “superb, independent line and its – almost always – comfortable belays.” Pfeifhofer and Roger had breached difficulties up to 8a, freeing the individual pitches on separate occasions, meaning that the first, single-push free ascent was still up for grabs.

Papert travelled to the Italian Dolomites this July together with her habitual climbing partner Lisi Steurer and in their own words the duo spent the first week concentrating more on the film work than the actual climbing, believing that a long, hot summer lay ahead of them. They couldn’t have been more wrong: the Alps and the Dolomites in particular experienced one of the wettest summers on record, forcing the two to return home, frustrated and empty-handed.

In mid-August a brief respite in the weather provided the chance they’d been waiting for and on the 17th they returned to the base of the route. At 6:30 am the temperature had dropped down to -3°C; Papert won the toss for the lead and began the long climb upwards. Despite freezing fingers the German managed to free climb the entire first pitch straight off, no mean feat seeing that this “warm-up” is graded 8a and, as it happens, also the hardest pitch of the entire climb. The two however knew that the journey had only just begun, that above them lay 500 bitingly cold metres. This is the reason why Papert fell once on the second pitch, a stiff 7c; she immediately lowered to the stance and then redpointed this pitch, but from here onwards she made no more mistakes. At 17:30 the two reached the ledge system and descended down the normal route.

The project was not completed: the idea was to return in the next few day for Steurer’s lead, but once again rain stopped play and the two were forced to abandon plans since Papert had to return home. Steurer stayed put and on 28 August she was finally rewarded for her patience with a break in the weather: together with her partner Felix Tschurtschenthaler she managed to free climb all the pitches, falling only once on pitches 1 and 2 prior to successfully redpointing them.

After her free ascent Papert commented that due to the route’s grade – certanly difficult but nevertheless by no means not impossible – they had probably approached the climb in a slightly too relaxed manner. “The North Face of Cima Grande requires total concentration and doesn’t give in easily, to no one and for no reason. To climb a route like this everything must be absolutely perfect, and that’s why we’re both overjoyed with our ascent.”

writing: Lisa Lindner/ Nicholas Hobley
photos: climbing- Frank Kretschmann summit- Franz Walter in the Route (from far away)- Michi Wohlleben

Bernhard Roeck is Junior World Champion

Red Chili Blog, 23. September 2014

After his sister won the famous Rockmaster in Arco a few weeks ago, Bernhard had a really strong competition in Noumea, taking the victory back home with a height of 47+.

Red Chili congratulates Bernhard! We’re happy to have such extraordinary strong climbers in our team!

Red Chili athlete Magdalena Roeck wins Rock Master title!

Red Chili Blog, 08. September 2014

Red Chili athlete Magdalena Roeck has been having an amazing comp climbing season! After her victory at the World Cup in Imst she also took home the Rock Master title in Arco! The most prestigious climbing festival in the world takes place in Arco, Italy, each year and has long been considered to be the unofficial world championship. Maggie was able to use her full potential again and took home the win.

We congratulate Maggie! We’re incredibly happy for her!

Watch Maggie in the Finals route of the Rock Master here:

Red Chili comp climber Maggie Roeck wins World Cup in Imst

Red Chili Blog, 04. August 2014

Our Maggie: current Junior World Champion, two-time European Youth Champion and now World Cup winner! Maggie took home her first World Cup win in Imst after coming in second at all of the past three World Cup events of this season.

Red Chili athlete Magdalena Roeck on her way to winning her first World Cup. Foto: Elias Holzknecht

Maggie tells us: „I’m completely overwhelmed! My goal for this World Cup at home was to climb into finals – and now I get to stand on top of the podium. I just can’t find words, I’m so happy!”

Maggie is currently second in the overall ranking.

Red Chili is proud of our exceptional athlete Maggie Roeck. Foto: Elias Holzknecht

Red Chili at the Outdoor in Friedrichshafen

Red Chili Blog, 13. Juli 2014

We at Red Chili would like to thank all our visitors at the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen! It was an amazing trade show with you! We are very happy to have had so many friends, customers, athletes and collegues visit us. We’re looking forward to the next season with you!

We collected some impressions for you.

Our Red Chili booth was a definite eye-catcher

We introduced two new high-end climbing shoe models

We were able to have great conversations with friends, customers and collegues

Our hard working Red Chili ladies

Our Red Chili designer Tanja Valerièn-Glowacz (right)

Red Chili at the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen

Red Chili Blog, 10. July 2014

Red Chili is at the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen from July 10 to 13 to present two new high-end climbing shoe models and the exceptional new clothing line. Visit us at the Outdoor!

See us at the Outdoor!

Stylish, sexy, hot! Red Chili starts the season with a new clothing line!

Red Chili Blog, 11. February 2014

Red Chili bursts into the new year with a brand new clothing line made especially for climbers! Red Chili made it its top priority to produce climbing gear for high performance climbs while keeping an eye on the passion for the sport. Now a brand new clothing line just for you will complement our climbing shoes!

Hot gear for our ladies!

Red Chili now offers 40 clothing pieces for guys and gals that love to rock on rock and look good while sending hard. Each piece was developed especially for climbers and is guaranteed to meet your high expectations in every situation.

Cool leg wear for men!

Stefan Glowacz talks about the motivation behind the collection: “It’s the unique lifestyle that fascinates us climbers. Red Chili has captured the feeling that climbing gives us. The first Red Chili clothing line expresss this enthusiasm: cool, modern, sexy and full of life!”

Red Chili let’s you look good

Christian Schlesener

Homeexperiences athletes Christian Schlesener


Biography and Background

Christian, a real Bavarian, has been tied to the mountains since he was a child. He began climbing in elementary school and climbs after school in the well-renouned climbing spot Berghain near Munich. It doesn’t take long until he answers to the call of alpine challenges. He climbs the famous „Pump Cracks“ in the Wilder Kaiser region with 16, followed by a wild solo send of “Spiel der Narren” 10- (Wilder Kaiser). With 20 he climbs the North Face of the Eiger with one in-shoe and one crampon. After turning the local climbing community on its head he goes abroad. Goal of his travels is Yosemite Valley with its gigantic granite walls. Mescalito, Zodiac and the Shield are only a few of the entries in his route book. After always sunny California he visits the coldest mountain this Earth has to offer: Mount McKinley.

He opens a small climbing store in Munich at the age of 22, the „Bergbaron,“ which becomes a hot spot for German top climbers.

But his passion has him leave for rockl and ice. He onsights several routes in the 9th grade. Schlesi can also call the first W17 (Klammbaam, Garmisch) his. He’s also part of the German National CLimbing Team during this time. But his preference are the alpine arenas. He goes on several expeditions and FA’s a few routes while successfully completing training to become a mountain guide. 2003 he is best German climber at the Ice Climbing Championship in Saas Fe and wins the Mountain Guide World Championship 2006.

He loves the diverse facetts of the mountain world but his biggest love is his wife Nina. They share their passion for the mountains.

  • Africa (Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya)
  • Greenland; ice climbing giant ice sheets
  • Canada; ice climbing (Weaping Wall amongst others)
  • Nuptse expedition
  • Baffin Island (FA Bavarian Diretissima as well as the Belgarian Route which was renamed 2009 by Belgians)
  • Latok II Northwest Ridge (alpine FA and 2. FA)
  • Ogre; FA attempt on south pillar
  • Patagonia; Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre (ascent of Fitz Roy twice in one week)